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Arizona Az Home Video to DVD transfer and conversion service Providing a quality transfer service for your home movie, video, and VHS tapes to DVD conversion needs 

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Welcome to Az Home Video to DVD transfer service

Home Video to DVD will transfer your video to DVD using the latest technology and professional authoring software to produce for you, the best possible home video to DVD. We provide high quality video transfers and DVD conversion at an unbeatable price. Our conversion service, combined with quick turnaround and great customer service will make us a leader in the VHS to DVD transfer industry. We transfer all types of videos including wedding videos, training videos, corporate videos, home movies, birthdays, family histories, and  much more. Don't allow your memories to fade away over the years. Convert your home videos to DVD and enjoy all the benefits that DVD has to offer. Your memories, your video, on DVD.


5% off any order over $175

10% off any order over $250

15% off any order over $500


Video formats we can transfer to DVD.
VHS / S-VHS / VHS-C / mini-DV / 8mm / Hi8mm / Digital8
Magnetic Video Tape

Video to DVD Transfers

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Eric G. Hall
(480) 899-1141 Wednesday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

E-Mail me: EricHall@home-video-to-DVD.com

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