Pro DVD Deluxe

Arizona Az Home Video to DVD transfer and conversion service Providing a quality transfer service for your home movie, video, and VHS tapes to DVD conversion needs 

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Pro DVD Deluxe $107.95

    Up to 1 hour of video on DVD

    Menus with advanced motion picture chapter points and backgrounds

    Will change scene order to suit. Complete editing

    Up to 3 tapes per DVD

    $4.95 per extra tape after 3

    Pro Transitions added

    Background Music

    DVD case with Deluxe insert

    DVD Deluxe Printed DVD (Not a paper stick on label)


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Eric G. Hall
(480) 899-1141 Wednesday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

E-Mail me: EricHall@home-video-to-DVD.com

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